John Bartlett Biography.
Doncaster, Vic

John Bartlett is a dedicated Minimalist who paints with dry pigments using the Encaustic method. He has been a practicing artist for 35 years, has held 19 solo exhibitions; has been included in 37 Group exhibitions. John is self-taught except for a short period with Leslie Sinclair of Montsalvat where he had a studio, also a similar period with Erica McGilchrist. John spent his early formative years at Melbourne and the Riverina; he has travelled the Mediterranean, Aegean, Middle East and Europe.

John painted mainly early figurative works, during that time he experimented flowing acrylic paints with marble dust on paper, then in 1981 he commenced a series of constructed paintings, the “Technology” series, made by photocopying discarded circuit boards; the photocopies were large scale and adhered to masonite in which was fitted by hand the actual circuit board thus showing both sides of the circuit board. Following that came geometrical abstract paintings, based on computer games, of figures with text re-enacting real-life games as in “The Games people Play”; following that came a series based on Hip Hop and Break Dancing; the Peoples Ballet/ Threepenny Opera. These led into the “Still Point” series of acrylic and oils based on impressions of reflections of the sky on a sheet of water where heaven and earth meet. Following the water paintings came impressions of the Never Never; incorporating collaged press cuttings from the Argus newspaper of the 1931 expedition searching for Lasseter’s lost gold reef; impressions painted with dry pigments, ochre, earth sand, detritus from the Alice Springs district on 12oz polycotton.

The computer then came into play with a period experimenting with generated images derived from the Spiral that led into the Korean Spiral, then I-Ching Hexagrams and from that came the Ceremonial paintings referencing body painting and the Portal series based on Schubert’s 2nd Symphony; the Portal Wanderer theme.

The I-Ching Hexagram, Ceremonial and Portal series are painted using dry pigments as encaustic on 1.2mm aluminium. The central H form in the Ceremonial image was used to develop the on-going series of the “Variations on a Theme on Sacred Places”. Current work is dry pigments on 18oz hessian on 1.2mm aluminium based on impressions of satellite views of the red-brown earth of Western Australia incorporating references to Salt Lakes.  

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