Ruffles-girl on right, Graphite. 76x50cms1 Seated girl with Ruffles. Graphite. 75.5x50.5cms2 Sideward glance.  Graphite. 76x56.cms3 Silhouette with artist.  Graphite. 58x37.5cms4 Silhouette with girls head.. 57.8x45.5cms5 The Lamb of God.  Charcoal, pastel, graphite6 Abstract with girl lower left.  Graphite. 75x50cms7 Big Ears. 20 seconds, Graphite. 75.5x50.5cms8 Bigeyes studying model. Graphite 76x509 Crucifixion with Willywagtail  charcoal10 Drawing Graphite, charcoal, pastel11 Drawing mixed images  Graphite, charcoal12 Girl on cushion.  Graphite. 58x45cms13 Girl with Wicker Chair. Graphite. 59x42cms14 Harlequin man.  Graphite. 76x50cms15 Harlequin.  Graphirte and pastels. 75.5x5016 Howard Arkley drawing model.  Graphite. 76x5617 Howard Arkley drawing, Graphite. 48x45.5cms18 Howard Arkley, 10 seconds Graphite, 59x42cms19 Large l_ady - end on. Graphite. 71x50.5cms20 Large lady twisting. Graphite. 50x38cms21 Lean model frontal, Graphite, 76x51cms22 Lean model side on.  Graphite 76x51cms23 Leaning forward. 84. Graphite, 59x42cms24 Looking thru' at Girl. Graphite, 75x50cms25 Male in rectangle 10 seconds. Graphite. 59x42cms26 Model with Specs.  Graphite. 76x5627 Prancing man.  10 seconds Graphite. 59x4228 Prodigal Son  Graphite, charcoal29