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John Bartlett is a respected Australian artist.  He is a dedicated Minimalist/Impressionist who paints with dry pigments suspended in Virgin Beeswax on 18oz hessian on 1.2mm aluminium as Encaustics. He has been a practicing artist for 42 years, has held 19 solo exhibitions, and been included in 37 Group exhibitions

Bartlett’s current series of paintings are impressions of Satellite views looking down on the Red-Brown land of Western Australia. These works looking down have a presence, a potency with a certain aesthetic while offering respite space and time for reflection; they are informed by geomancy and the quintessential Japanese aesthetic “Wabi Sabi”. They incorporate references to Salt Lakes formed in ancient river beds, drainage systems; these are the lands in the care of Aboriginal Nations, their history recorded in song, dance and imagery; Bartlett’s works are comparable to the Aboriginal view. These encaustic paintings looking down are proper in that both the ancient lands and encaustic painting go far back in time.

In 1981 he commenced a series of constructed paintings. Following that came Geometrical abstract paintings, based on computer games, of figures with text re-enacting real-life games as in “The Games People Play”; next came a series based on Hip Hop and Break Dancing; the People’s Ballet/Threepenny Opera. These led into the Still Point series of acrylic and oils based on impressions of the sky on a sheet of water where heaven and earth meet. Trailed by work involving explorations into such esoteria as I-Ching Hexagrams, Zen Buddhism and the essential Wabi Sabi. Paintings named “Portal Wanderer” were based on Schubert’s 2nd Symphony.



The above picture is available as a signed and numbered limited edition of 25 digital prints on Canson BFK Rives 3 dimensional textured rag paper 310gsm page size 28x20inches: Price $AU 280.00 

John is more than happy to meet you and discuss his work at his Doncaster studio or by phone.

If you wish to contact John, please call him on 0402 683 753 or email on the contact link above.













Watch video interview with John on artinfo

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